Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventure Is Out There!

S had been wanting to go for an "adventure" after watching several episodes of Man vs. Wild.

So one Sunday morning, her dad suggested that we go for bush walking at the nearest "jungle" - the Lane Cove National Park, which is just 3-4km away from our home.

Air yang tenang, jangan disangka tiada buaya! ;)

So we explored the place. There were so many picnic spots in there. We just had our sandwiches at the entrance (tipu je ni... :p). Asal turun kereta, jalan sikit je cacing nak mintak makan. Pffft.

Adventure is out there!

We saw birds. Yeah, birds. Only.

Perlu ke nak amik gambar burung banyak-banyak?

Tak perlu.

Dah, tammat entry

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