Monday, November 12, 2007

2008's Resolution(s)

I know we are still in November 07, but last night, I couldn't really hit the sack* for I was thinking of what I must achieve in 2008.

-Dream starts-
I thought I could be a makeup artist next year. (Tingginya cita-cita).
The starting point would be during my cousin's wedding on 15 December where I would offer free makeovers for my little cousins and also the big ones. From there, if they are satisfied with my 'art' and ask for another makeover, I'll charge RM20 per session per person. Ain't that cheap? I would then expand my 'charity' to my colleagues and the same scheme will be applied.

I thought I must open a booth
during next year's UM*O General Assembly.(Yes, I am into textile business now. Will somebody wake me up now?).
Assuming my friend Buted and I had opened our textile store somewhere (gila berharap). Or at the very least I joint-ventured my cousin's small biz selling textile at rural areas (tapi takkan nak jual kain murah masa UM*O Assembly kan?).

I plan to have my (very?) own fashion line. (Ini sangat lah berangan namanya - nasib baik tak jatuh katil malam tadi)
In order to achieve this I've got to have a background in Fashion Design (Diploma cukup lah kot. Macam tak layak je nak amik Degree). I secretly wish I have more money so I could sponsor one of my cousins pursuing in Seni Jahitan in IKM (if such course still exists) so she (I presume) would then work for me.
-Dream ends-

I wonder why I didn't even think/dream of my current job. Hmm...

*dear Hubby was right. I shouldn't take more than 2 cups of coffee a day.