Monday, November 26, 2007


Aini Sakina was born on 24 Nov 07 at PMC, Bangsar. Congratulations to Ammar & Bibi (Zulaikha).

Meanwhile, having to handle this 22-month old daughter of mine doeshas not really made me learn how to control my own tantrums. (Arrrghhhh!!!). I have always been reminded by dear hubby to control my temper, but I tell you it is the hardest thing to do!

The least I can do when dealing with Sofea's tantrum is to keep quiet and isolated (this solution is quite general and applicable to many situations, you know). Mau pecah kepala mak ni kalau dah semua yg mak offer dia reject. I know she wants attention after being left at the day care, but "Sayang, please la jangan nangis. Mama tak tau apa Sofea nak kalau Sofea nangis".