Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Bloom Gloom

22 January 2008, 11.40 PM.
I couldn't really sleep cos' I had taken a cup of strong coffee earlier.

Tell me, how would you react if you were in these situations:

Situation 1
While you were hooked up on the net, checking emails, blog-hopping, shopping etc., suddenly there was this conversation:

Polan A: Ye lah, A tolong beli aje, orang lain yg pakai...
Polan B: Lain kali beli yg TESCO aje, murah
...(the subject is 'detergent')...

-->The conversation was to let you know that you actually didn't put enough any contribution to the others in the house.

Situation 2
While you were again, hooked up on the net, where Polan A & Polan B were just got back from doing groceries when then...

Polan A: Kunci gate besar, B!
Polan B: Hmm, sape lg yg boleh kunci gate, A... (in sarcastic tone)
Polan A: Orang lain tak tau nak buat, B... (yet, another sarcastic tone)

-->The conversation was to let you know that you actually did nothing much in the house.

Situation 3
While you were sitting on the dining table, feeding your offspring and at the same time were ready to have a meal (where you were always had after everybody else finished theirs) which you had prepared for the family,

Polan A: Kalau nak suap pegi sana (sana==somewhere else and this time Polan A was talking to you)

-->I guess I don't have to interpret what the conversation was supposed to mean, here.

Oh yes, the above situations are best imagined with you, your husband and the offspring living with your parents, 2 siblings, a cousin and a maid in a quite comfortable linked house (this info is relevant).

By the time I finish writing this post, my daughter marks TWO in her life. Happy Birthday, dear. Hmm, shall I ceraikan her with talaktolak 2 b*easts already??

Oh, speaking of b*easts, I've been to this "B*st Firming & Toning" at Jurlique, MV. I tell you my friends, the treatment worked! Molotup, nyah! (but not the subject, yeah?). To women out there whose b*easts telah lanjut usia serta panjang umurnya, I recommend doing such treatment. Especially when you are attending or having a special ocassion, hatta nak pi meeting sekalipun, silalah. Mak jamin, 100% susu segar! Hahaha, yahaha.

Alrighty, I think I've got to stop right now. If not, I'd yellower and wenger than Madam Za ;).