Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Love Story

This is a very self-centric post and all about handbags. You've been warned.

It all started during my visit to The Gardens last Friday. Boy, my initial intention was looking for a jacket from M&S, but somehow my feet brought me to Robinsons and I had no choice but to buy this (plus I had this RM20 voucher which only valid until 13 Jan). It was a quick buy and being
takde tujuan, I entered here where I met her in beet. I fell in love with her. I tried, and tried, and tried, and decided to have her until...

...I received a heartbreaking news from the SA that she was the only one left in the house. No way!!! I tried diverting my frustration by looking at this one particular baby. Her
whiskey complexion was damn gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it to bits!!! I cannot afford to have both, but hey, why not look for a hybrid of these two, yeah?

Imagine a hybrid of a sling bag...

Oh, you're so hip this complexion.

The color makes my heart melt

The result is...

Consider this I will

Dear Hippie Bag, I could not really sleep during the weekend thinking of you, overwhelmed with the thoughts of having you beside my hip .

Dear Erna, I am so sorry that you might have to share your love with me. I am really, really sorry. I love the
telinga-gajah flap (so Madam Za called it) and the combination of it with the whiskey complexion makes it soooo perfect.