Monday, February 18, 2008

A Letter to Celcom (tiada anonymous lagi)

Dear Celcom,

Boleh tak for ONCE bagi service yang baik sedikit? I am not asking for red carpets, diamonds, super cars let alone an LV handbag, tapi tolonglah pelanggan anda yang seorang ini.

Your insincere customer,
**** ****H*** ***** ---> Any resemblance? You betcha!

You see, I accidentally left my main phone which is CELCOM..(?) at home today. So I am using my other Celcom line for the official matters of the day. I tried recharging my airtime but to no avail - even during the first attempt - using the (1) stupid code, (2) SMS and through a (3) call too! And now I don't have any idea of how many times already I'd keyed in the 16-digit recharge code! Oh, F*CK it, F*CK Celcom!!!

Okay, here's the recharge code worth RM10 only!! 5583-6855-9891-0757. In every attempt I got some thing like "Invalid Recharge No." or such - I don't give f*ck of it but I bet you (prepaid users) know what I mean, right?

So, sesiapa yang nak reload Celcom prepaid tu, bebawak la guna no yg mak bagi ni, ok? Mungkin mak yang tak pandai nak reload. In the mean time, I'll just use my loyal-unofficial-poya2 Maxis number.

I so going to terminate this stupid prepaid number.

p/s: Melayang duit makan sehari aku. Celcom ruined my day.