Monday, February 25, 2008

L'odore di Minyak Atar

Today I am really really not in the mood because I am having the smell of MINYAK ATAR!

How did it get on me? Well, this morning, while I was busy-busy for work, my dad hugged and kissed Sofea who was sleeping on the sofa. And, I then carried her to the car - to the nursery. That's how it got on me (can you imagine how powerful the perfume was?)! And my dad has always been so perasan that its smell is GOOOOOD...

(To me) this is one serious matter, okay. I was bi0tching about it since morning and one colleague pun dah perasan (not the smell, but my bi0tch). Tak tahan, nyah! Bila nak hilang bau ni!!! My Kate Moss dah tenggelam dek bau minyak atar tu! (You see, siang, malam, pagi, petang mak guna perfume ni tau. Harus mak cari set dia pulak :P )