Friday, February 22, 2008

Super Naughty Girl

I noticed she started behaving extra naughty when I started weaning her from my b00bs (oops!). But I couldn't tell if it is because of that or just a phase.

Oh, did I mention that the weaning process didn't take too much? The date was 2 February 2008. But the night before (so the date was 1 February 2008 lah, kan?) I had started with it cold-turkeyly - I left her alone with Hubby while I kept myself busy in the kitchen. Everybody in the house was so worried as she was crying for so long - for about an hour or so (lama, kan?). When I entered the bedroom (as I felt so sleepy already), she woke up and cried some more. Being a mother, I could not resist the temptation to feed her. So we failed during the first attempt.

The next night which was 2 February, I did the same thing. This time around, I waited until she was really, really fast asleep. But I still fed her when she woke up in the middle of the night (she usually did this since birth).

On the third night, Hubby insisted I slept with Sofea so that she could adapt with the whole weaning thingy (so he can watch soccer, actually. Nice trick, huh?). I had to recite the same old mantra when she asked for b00bies - "Sofea dah besar, dah 2 tahun, dah tak minum susu Mama lagi. Susu Mama pun dah habis" for like n times (!!!) until she fell asleep. Fewhh.. But I couldn't remember if I still fed during her night-feeding time.

So that's the whole story of our weaning process (except for 1 night or so where I was so lazy to entertain her - I fed her with the b00bs). At least until last night, she still tried her luck, "Nak susu Mama?". And I had to reply by using the same script "Sofea dah besar, dah 2 tahun, dah tak minum susu Mama lagi. Susu Mama pun dah habis" - even Sofea could repeat the same sentence.

Yes, we can tell that she's not over it yet but one thing for sure, I had stopped feeding her during her night-feeding time. Relief? Not! We still have to wake up to prepare her susu whenever she wants it.

Ermm, I don't know how to make a good transition from the weaning story to the super naughty girl story. So here it is.

She has been so naughty that she always take off her diapers for no specific reason!!!

She has been so naughty that she purposely put pencils/pens in a ceramic deco that has a very tiny hole on top of it where only pencils and pens can fit in it. The father will go all the way to bring the pencils/pens out whenever she needs one for her cakar-ayam scrap-booking session.

She has been so naughty that 2 days before, she spilled a miniature perfume on the floor and licked it !!! I really lost it at that time - not because of the spilled perfume, but because she's endangering herself by licking it. She had a time-out for that (but she could only stand for less than a minute).

Those are just some of her nuisance that I could think of right now. Kids... But the one thing that made us laugh like hell is when Sofea pinched (or maybe punched) her AtokPa's round tummy and asking him to make the squeaker sound - like the one in many stuffed toys, you know.

A picture of her, doing 'Yoga'

Singing the 'Mana Kucing' song