Saturday, February 9, 2008

Six Down, Six More To Go

As of now, I had just finished watching the first six episodes of Heroes (Season 1) and had known the abilities of these characters (in no particular order, ya?):

"Niki and Peter, I have yet to now you".

Oh yes, did I mention that other than being a couch potato during this long weekend, I also managed to ride on our BIG Ferris Wheel namely the KEEP AN EYE ON MALAYSIA? I thought I was the only ONE yg gayat, but apparently Sofea was gayat too! Poor baby. Masa kat bawah tu punya lah tak sabar nak naik. Bila dah dapat naik dan berada di paras yang tinggi, dia mulalah tak senang duduk nak duduk aje. "Sofea takut", she said.

Well that was last night.

This morning, we went to FRIM. The place was beautiful eventhough it's just a secondary forest. It looked so natural. I didn't go for the Canopy Walk as Sofea was not allowed to go there (Thank God!). Hehe. Actually I had been to one in Sabah and I hope it'll be the ONLY experience in my life. Yes, I am acrophobic. Tell me about it.

While Sofea and I didn't get to go to the walk, we arrived at at the picnic area earlier than the Canopy walkers. That brought joy to us as she could play in the water while I jut sit back watching her splashing while waiting for the others to reach there. Relief!

Okay, the intention of making Sofea feel tired-so-that-she-could-sleep-easily was kinda stupid. I knew it. After losing some energy splish-splashing the water, she refused to walk on her own let alone to be carried by anyone else except ME!! Can you imagine carrying an 11-kg girl up and down the trail? Babes I tell you, pinggang, bahu, lutut dan segala sendi-pundi (hey it rhymes :P) yang ada di badan mak ni terasa mcm ditarik-tarik sampai nak putus. Tuhan aje lah yang tahu macam mana mak rasa masa tu. Jalan bukannya dekat, ada dalam 1km (or more) kot mak dukung dia tu. And NAIK TURUN BUKIT, okay! I know apa lah sgt bukit kat FRIM ni kan? Tapi mak tak sanggup lagi diperlakukan begitu!! Harus mak beli ini for our next trip nanti kang.