Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Tribute to Cacat

At least until yesterday, my mom was still grieving for the death of Cacat. Yes, Cacat was his nickname as he was really cacat since the year 2006.

I remembered when Sofea was just born; Cacat and his then friend were both down with fever. My mom could not really put her attention to them as she was busy with her newborn grandchild. They were sick for about a week – and mom said “Kalau nak mati, mati lah...”. She was ready for it.

One died, leaving him alone behind. It was then when mom knew that he was not going to die because he started drinking water. Hope was still there. He survived, but he could not walk – he could only drag his body with two feet. So he was sent to the clinic and hospital. He was diagnosed of having brain damage resulted from the fever. Poor thing.

It took him quite some time for him to be able to walk again. And he did it – he could walk at last (tp agak terhuyung-hayang sket, macam org mabuk). Apart from that, his earshot was also damaged. He was retarded. That’s how he got his nickname, Cacat. The rest is history.

Cacat died last Tuesday. He was bitten and by a pack of stray dogs.

Cacat was usually kept in cage but somehow that morning, he was not. Thanks to the Maid.

The incident was around 2.30 a.m when I heard a loud noise. Apparently it was my brother who was trying to dismiss the carnivorous dogs where Cacat was in their possession. There were three of them. My mom then went to pick him up and she said he was growling in and moaning from deep pain. Mom said there were no cuts and bruises on his body. It’s just the neck which was so tender – we think they broke his neck. He was pronounced dead by Dr. Mr. Brother in the morning when all of us had gone to work.

There goes the story of our Cacat. I don’t have his picture but I think the one below will do.

p/s: I almost cried when I wrote this entry. Almost ya, almost. Thanks to the low humidity - it made my tears dry before they could fall down. Heh.