Monday, March 17, 2008

Alhamdulillah... Oops!!

Alhamdulillah. Sofea (and I) was safely discharged from APSH's Pediatric Ward yesterday. (Mak legaa, ok?). But the cough is still there and she has to continue taking some antibiotic. (Telan kuman je la anak aku ni..).

She was diagnosed of having Recurrent Bronchitis - most probably caused by influenza. This virus can reside in you for about 2 weeks (so the doctor said). So, we think of getting a flu vaccine (click here or here) for Sofea. Cannot tahan seih... since Oct 07 till Mar 08, dah 3 kali masuk hospital, okay?? 3 kali!!! - I don't know whether it's good or bad. And speaking of this (hospital thingy), I cannot imagine if we were not covered by insurance. Bayangkan je lah kalau ubat je dah dekat RM 1000!!! (RM 911.30 to be exact). Tak mampu den...

For the time being, Sofea stays at home with the maid since the doctor recurrently mentioned "after this you go to the nursery and then you'll get infected again...". ("Err doctor, I think that's a sarcasm"). Ouch. I got it. Anyways, Sofea is better now.

This morning (not that I was late to work but), I kinda ran out of breath when I had to take 96 stairs (from 32nd floor to 36th floor) because the lift doesn't go to 36th today. From 32 to 35, mak steady lagi nyah...siap leh lari-lari anak lagi you. But from 35 to 36, mak dah ala-ala semput, menapak pun macam org nak mati gitu lagaknya (nasib baik tadak orang nampak tau... kalau tak, malu mak). Oops. Hehe.

p/s: To answer KS' question, it's Dr Haliza's clinic in Ampang Puteri. Sofea loves the doctor ;)