Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meet Ikin a.k.a Hazeleye

Last night, when I was reading comments at Cik Yan's blog (biasa la, merempit...), I saw them kecoh-kecoh about Ikin a.k.a Hazeleye of S.I keluar magazine. So this morning, I bought the magazine (read: R to the A to the P to the I, RAPI!) just to see her in the magazine. (Sah aku tak baca content magazine tu smpi ke sudah). So, korang tgk lah gmbr yg patut kat bawah ni ya?

p/s: I was on EL yesterday and spent the day by reading this book:

And, and..... I hate that I had to watch Nathan Petrelli died yesterday!!! WHY...,WHY?