Friday, March 7, 2008


There are 2 reasons why I really need to know that today is actually Fri-day;
1) I didn't know what to wear this morning,
2) I wondered why did Hubby hadn't waken up when it was already 6.50a.m.

This morning, I noticed that I ran out of shirt (for work lah) *blank* *blank*. And then, having to look at my Hubby sleeping soundly made me a little bit pissed. "He's supposed to fetch Sofea from school this evening and hence, he has to go to work early in the morning. Why is he still in bed?", I thought.

Before taking the next step which was waking him up, I checked my phone calendar - with crossed fingers, hoping that it'd be Friday. And YES!!! Friday indeed. So I didn't have to pening-kepala-nak-pakai-baju-apa cause it's Casual Friday! And I didn't have to be pissed off with Hubby when he's still sleeping. Yeay, double joy!

So this morning, I really thanked God for it's Friday. Haha...


And, *ehem* *ehem* (this person might think that I am so not original when posting blog entries). Hehe.

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