Monday, April 14, 2008

Over The Weekend

There was nothing much we did during the weekend except
  1. attending my friend's wedding reception at the ever famous Merak Kayangan on Saturday night (Oh yes, with 1 kid, I am too old for any wedding receptions now),
  2. having lunch with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday on Sunday afternoon and later,
  3. watched Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix (Bibi, what's with the globe-like thing at the end of the story anyway? I mean what are those?), during the heavy rains.

Okay, now come to the interesting part which I can't wait to tell.

I RAN (or rather walked) ON THE TREADMILL, y'all! Yes.

But please don't ask how many km's, yeah? Yang penting I feel healthier now!!!

-The End-