Monday, April 21, 2008

The Secret Mothers' Club

I have just finished reading this book...

... last night, after (I dunno), a month, maybe? I know, I am a real slow reader.

Errm, I can't tell if I liked this book. I found it boring. I couldn't even force my eyes to stay awake at nights to read the book. The sentences were a bit draggy to me. And having 8 different characters made me flip back and forth to recall who's who. (Lipstick Jungle - which had 3 main characters, was way better than this one; although I thought 3 characters made me miserable already. Hey I didn't know that it was on TV now!!??).

The climax of The Secret Mothers' Club is, is... I can't describe it in words, I am a lit-ignorant. It's just that this book was really boring in the beginning but got interesting at the end of it (what do you call it, bookworms?). I think I only came at Chapter 14 of 20 till Chapter 20 of 20 (where I finished reading in one day, i.e. yesterday). And I dunno if it's really because of the writings, or...
  1. because I just bought new books last Friday, that I was so motivated to finish reading 'the current book' so that I could read new books, or
  2. because I bought a plastic book wrapper last Friday and wrapped 'the current book'. I like reading books with sharp corners. I makes me feel "aaah"...
Haha, cut the crap. But seriously, this book became a page-turning (at least for me) at the later stage of the book.

So, who wants to borrow the book (and start our very own Secret Mothers' Club)?

p/s: You can read the synopsis here.