Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Vacation

*Picture-updating in progress

At the moment, you can view pictures and read my travel itinerary here.


Meanwhile, I think I should just abandon my fotopage and start a new photo blog like Mektwain - less hassle. Yes, I think I should.

If you read my travel itinerary, you can see that we hopped from one hotel to another, can't you? Haha, the reason behind that was because WE DIDN'T DO PRE-BOOKING!!! Not that we I didn't want to, but Hubby always said "Nanti lah", or "Balik kang kita discuss", and to the very last minute (which was on Sunday, 20 April) "Hari ni kita buat plan (vacation), ya?" where we actually didn't do at all!

So, lesson no. 1 : Always (ALWAYS) Pre-book your accomodation.

I had warned reminded Hubby since our Hong Kong vacation (in 2006, okay) TO BRING THE STROLLER for our next vacation; but he refused to do so as he had asked his Indonesian colleague on the feasibility of bringing stroller to Jogjakarta. His colleague apparently didn't recommend using strollers there.

I don't know for sure if bringing strollers during vacation is pratical as I have never experienced going for vacations with the stroller (so people, please comment on this). But, but for this particular vacation i.e. Jogjakarta, errmm I don't see when we can actually unfold the stroller except at the airport and the airport. So, Hubby was quite right this time (although I still feel that we should have brought the stroller along). I wish someday there will be a stroller that can be fold into a size of a small umbrella and can fit into my handbag. Somebody please invent this.

Lesson no. 2 : Make sure your husband does not ask for his colleagues' opinions ;)

All in all, we enjoyed having this vacation except for having to deal with my daughter's unusual tantrums. We also didn't get diarrhea - we didn't try Nasi Gudeg at the lesehan or at any waroeng at all, we had it at the food court or the hotel itself instead. And, having menstruals for the whole 6 days there was such a blessing (while Hubby was doomed??!!).

So, lesson no. 3???

p/s: Am currently trying to finish reading Deception Point by Dan Brown.