Monday, May 12, 2008

It's 10 to 1...

...and I couldn't sleep at all.

I felt sleepy when I was reading a book for my daughter and asked her to close her eyes (a way to put her to sleep - really, she won't sleep if she were told to). And I thought by switching off the light, I could fall asleep faster. It turned out to be the opposite apparently! And now I'm here, in front of my PC - blogging.

There are so many things in my mind right now (and also during my terkebil-kebil-atas-katil time just now). I was thinking about the next morning's activity - sending my daughter to the day care, thinking of how would she do with her toilet-training lesson today oops, yesterday la kan? Yes, we'd started toliet-training her yesterday and the score was

5 - 2
- pants

I was repeating
"Wee wee dekat mana?", "Cakap dekat sape?", "Berak dekat mana?" and "Cakap dekat sape?"

for the whole day and she would answer
"Dekat toilet"
, "Abah, Mama", "Toilet" and "Abah"<--Good girl!

I knew that I could not expect her to tell us BEFORE she did her business, but I could not help but to test her on her ability. That's the reason why she scored 2 for pants. So the number 5 was actually due to my ability! Yeah, big deal.

Apart from the toilet-training issue, there are a lot of other matters (including the a pair of Sofea's shoes that was left in hubby's car) lingering in my mind. I wanted to read, but Deception Point was tooooo boringggg.