Friday, May 30, 2008

What's Your Color?

I've been longing to blog about this and actually wanted to write about it in this entry (since it was Sports Day theme).

What was your Rumah Sukan color when you were in school? Mine was either Green or Yellow. Yikes! I really hoped that I could join the Reds since Red was my favorite color and always the champion in my schools. I wonder if they have this DNA database where people can refer to, to select (or rather sort) people into different categories Sports Houses -the most fit to be in the Red houses, while the most unfit to be in the Yellow houses. Oh, i haven't mentioned Blue, have I? Well, Blue is something in the middle, like Green; although Green ranked the last place during the Sports Day when I was in my last year in school (I wonder if were the jinx). *shrug*

And now, I'm in the Yellow house again for the upcoming event of the Division where I work in. For the past three years (I guess), this Yellow house was always in the fourth i.e the last place. *sigh*