Thursday, June 12, 2008

After The Break

Since all of the links that I had copied and added in the blog list are still there, I'm back to the blogging mode again! The order of the links will keep on changing - the one with latest update will be at the top.

I was thinking of writing about formula milk. Yesterday, when I sent Sofea to the school, one of teachers gave me a pack of formula sample - Mamil Gold. I took it lah. Hehe... Then, she asked me to fill out the form and return it back to them. I thought, No way! This company will surely use my personal detail for it's benefits! NO WAY!

Oh, it's Dumex.. I thought Mamil was the brand

Anyways, I'd like to present Today's Munawwarah:

This piece is called Tudung T (tudung ala-ala ustazah - bulat besar gitu). The top part is of Thai silk material. The rest - tak tau kain jenis apa. The price was RM90 (kalau tak silap; kan Mrs Noba?). I like Tudung T because *zup zap zup zap* dah siap. You can do it with only 1 brooch! Isn't that an invention?!! Unlike Selendang T (this, or this), nak kena selempang sana, selempang sini, pin sana, pin sini, penat tau!