Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Gift For The Maid

"Reni, nah amik ni". I passed a gift to the maid.

"Lepas ni jangan kacau barang saya lagi".

Yes, she received a gift for intruding my property.

Here's the story:

One morning, while I was about to do my eyes, I saw some dirt on the applicator. I'd never used the applicator before. There and then, I knew it must be the maid's work. I should had known about this earlier because there was this one day when I saw her eyes looked dark and dirty. She must had used my waterproof eyeliner at that time. Ish... Dior pulak tu!

I thought, "Okay, so you want to play makeup-makeup?"

So I gave her this:

An essential used make-up kit. Cap Body Shop

p/s: I have some Dior HidrAction product samples. Will post the picture later Picture is posted here. Tell me if you are interested.