Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Goodness Of Taking Leave

Let's do some calculation here.

I allocate RM280 (tp be exact) of my monthly salary for fuel; that's RM70 per week. With the 40% price increase, by simple math, I have to add another RM112 for my monthly fuel budget, yes!?

The thing is, where do I get the RM112? I wouldn't want to slash my monthly budgeted savings, no way!

Okay, suppose my salary is RM100 per day (taking the average of a boss like Anamiraa and an engineer-cabuk like me!). Say, by Wednesday of any particular week, my fuel tank is already empty (with RM70, you'll only get 26L of unleaded petrol). What I could do is to take leave (be it annual or MC), on Thursday & Friday - I still get my RM200 pay but I don't have to spend any Ringgit for food, parking and fuel for those particular days. That means, I saved around RM30 which I can put in my emergency fuel fund, no?! Well, if I want to save my fuel, I don't wait until the tank reads E. If I choose that option, I'll save around RM50!!! Woohoo. Okay, I'm getting wenger.

The moral of the story is, for an engineer-cabuk (or any cabuk employee) of RM3000 monthly income (Reminder : This is not my salary figure, okay), who drives a 1.5cc-non-Proton car, who lives 16km away from the office, taking leave does help to have an emergency fuel fund for unnecessary trips.

So people, start doing your calculation!

p/s : After re-reading this entry, I can't see where the logic is. :D