Monday, June 30, 2008

Lvoely Monday

Despite the company's loss, I had a good time today ;). I came late to work today because I had to go to the police station to get my report endorsed. DONE.

When I arrived at the office, I had to prepare a letter to the GM for the loss. DONE.

A friend suggested that we go to the fish spa at MV, and I agreed because... because... it was just so lvoely!!!

Oh, I shall tell you my first and maybe the last experience being nibbled by the piranha-like fish! (But not in this entry, yeah?)

Today I just want to sit back and relax and not to think of the stolen laptop. The good thing about it is I won't have to respond or even do work or rather payment to the vendor! And tomorrow, I'll be at site because I can't do anything without a computer in the office. This temporary loss is indeed a temporary bliss.


p/s : No baby baby, yeah people?