Thursday, June 26, 2008

They Are Not The Same!

When I was about to sterile (my own way) and wash my daughter's bottle, I noticed some unfamiliar sign on it. I saw the word "Naturally".

No way, Teacher! You have mistakenly packed other child's bottle into my daughter's bag!

Then I looked at the teat. It was No. 2; therefore OK (but who knows if the other child also uses No. 2)! Speaking of teats, this is my third purchase in one month. First, I bought Variable Flow - Sofea hated it. She hated the embosed roman number. Second, I bought No.2 - both were punctured. Third purchase, also No. 2 - still okay. But I have been reminding the maid almost everyday to not to put the washed teats together with washed forks, spoons, knives, and such.

Arghhhh! This makes me want to buy botol Cap Japlo for my daughter's daycare time.

I have this feeling where my daughter's powder was also being mixed for other children. *Shrug*

p/s : Botol anakku bukan botol anakku :P