Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Four-Letter Word

On Saturday night, my dad asked me to come along with him and my mom to a furniture shop. I decided to go because I don't them to think that I'm an anti-social :P it has been quite some time we haven't gone out together although we're leaving in the same house.

So we went to Balakong. Why Balakong? Because it's the middle point between Ampang and Bukit Mahkota (my parents are buying new furniture for their new house at Bukit Mahkota). We were there like until 11.00 p.m (from 9.00 p.m.)!!???? Poor Sofea. I knew she was really sleepy at that time but refused lie on one of the beds displayed there or at least to sit still.

Anyways, that's not my main point of this entry. I actually want to highlight my experience having a ride as a passenger on this one Japanese-manufacturer's low-end sedan car (Hint : 4-letter word)*. The back seat was sooo stiff and straight. I felt like riding on a double-cab Nissan Frontier - a pick up truck. The rear space was damn small - I think I ran out of breath for having to handle Sofea and settling with the small space at the same time. Remember, I wasn't even riding on the back seat of a Kancil or Kelisa. I was bitching like nobody's business back there.

I don't know if I'm unconsciously comparing this car with a different class car, but I think one Korean-manufacturer's (Hint : 3-letter word) car is better than this.

So, the moral of the story is, be grateful of what you have. Apa kaitan?? Ada kaitannya... All this while I have been saying that my car that I'm using now is the very the cabuk. For all I know, even newer cars are even more cabuk than the 13-year old mine ;)

*Nama kereta dirahsiakan untuk tidak menyinggung mana-mana pihak :P