Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Sweets For You, Sweets!

I really control my daughter's sweets/chocolate intake because I don't want her to be in terlebih-gula mode especially during weekdays where everybody in the house is tired after long hours at work. Plus, I know she always gets junk food at school.

Another reason is anak saya sangat susah nak gosok gigi. I know it's the parents' responsibility in making sure that their child has their teeth brushed. But, I don't want my child thinks that brushing teeth is a chore. I tried using the reasoning method - I'd say things like

"Eeeii, gigi Sofea ada chicken/beef/fish. Come Mama buang"


"Eeeiii.. look at your teeth, They are so Yellow. Eww..."

But when she answers "Mama, Sofea nak gigi color Pink", I like, WHAT!!?

My daughter does not understand (yet) on the need to brush and the need to take good care of one's teeth.

So that's why I choose the "No Sweets For You, Sweets!" method.