Saturday, July 5, 2008

Si Biskut

While I was watching Serena & Venus, I gave Sofea a pack of biscuit and she went watching TV with the maid.

Suddenly I heard the maid's voice talking to Sofea, "Jangan buang-buang, nanti Mama marah.."

I came to them to see what's happening. Then I saw Sofea crumbling the biscuits that I gave to her several seconds ago into pieces. Oh dear, how many times do I have to do this?

I told her, "Sofea, makan elok-elok, jangan buang-buang. Nanti Mama suruh Sofea berdiri kat sana", I pointed to a quite dark corner.

"Tak nak, tak nak..."

"Okay, kalau tak nak, makan betul-betul"

Just before I turned around to go back to my place, I saw her doing a rather angry face and told the maid, "Nini ni, cakap dekat Mama..." (She even rolled her eyes on the maid).

And the maid replied, "Eh, mana ada Nini cakap. Mama yang dengar sendiri"

I ran to Hubby and told him about it. We laughed.