Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What You Have, I Must Have Too, Mama

She loves wearing my sandals; these particularly

There was this one time when she first saw it (most of my shoes are kept in the car for scrutiny security reasons :P), she cried out loud in the middle of the crowd just to wear (really really want to wear) my slip-ons.

If I let you wore my slippers, what would I wear then, Sayang? You want me to be bare-footed in KLCC?

When we went to Tesco Ampang yesterday, guess what I saw in Bata?


Hahaha... Not similar, but same color ;). She was happy.

She kept repeating "Slipper kita sama lah Mama".

Iya, Dik Non...Apa saja yang Mama ada, ko mesti nak jugak, kan?

P/s : Notice the henna on my daughter's toenails? She got influenced from school.