Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's The Joker Now?

At home, the 3 of us were still talking about the movie (it will not be over until we've watched another movie).

As for Sofea, her favorite character is The Joker.

Whenever we saw The Joker's picture in the newspaper or TV, I'd jokingly say, "Tengok, rambut Joker tu macam rambut Sofea". Haha...

And she would just grin and agree with it. I love you, baby.

But, there was this one time after I had said about The Joker's hair, when she said, "Mama, tengok Joker ni, pakai lipstick macam Mama".

Eh....Do I look like Joker under my make-up??

I then said calmly (while trying to suppressed my laugh), "Eh, tak..Joker tu pakai lipstick salah... Sampai ke pipi".

"Oh, Joker tu salah, ye Mama?"

"Ya, sayang"

I guess we're even now :P.