Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Sesat Barat Episode(s)

Adoiiiiii this is the story of me getting-to-the-site yesterday.

Hmm, I went off from the hotel at 9ish. At about 2 km from the hotel, I had a hunch that I was going to have my menses that day. So, without further ado, I stopped at the first gas station I saw and got myself equipped.

While I was in the convenient shop, I heard this 4 Minutes song by Madonna featuring JT & T (currently it's my favorite song). So I hummed like nobody's business in the store until the song ended. Little that I knew that IT WAS INDEED my telephone!!! *Shoots* There was one missed call which was from someone that I had been avoiding from. Haha, served him right. Anyways, I replied the call by SMS after that.

So I off to the site. I called my colleague from JB and ask for the direction to site, but *ehem* I spent about 30km++ going here and there before reaching the site *ehem*. That's kinda weird *Cough* because I seldom, really really seldom tersesat barat *Cough*. Tu lah dia.... cakap besar, riak, takbur dan seangkatan dengannya lagi. Hahaha huhuhu hehehe.

And today, I met Farah and Maya as planned!! Yeay!!! Sadly, no pictures were snapped during our meeting (Bila ada event tak nak guna pulak camera baru tu..)

Well, today might be the last day I stay in JB as I plan to go back to KL (by hook or by crook) TODAY! And guess what? I kinda sesat barat jugak la tadi masa nak pegi site. Hmm, maybe because I forgot to bring / misplaced my Trusted Malayan Map book (alasan).