Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breast-feeding Story & Breast-pump For Sale

I am not asked to advertise this but I support breast-feeding (I breast fed my baby for 2 years). So if anyone of you would like to have Medela E-plus, click here.

For your information, I had had used this pump for like 1.5 1.25 years. There was once or twice or several times (I cannot recall) where a mere 12 oz. of breast-milk was expressed by this pump. I had to stop at 12 oz because it back-flowed and at that time I only had 2 bottles with me (I was in the office).

After some time, I felt like changing or rather upgrading the pump to Medela PISA because I thought my EBM collection was becoming really low due to Medela E-plus. So I sold mine to a colleague for a mere RM 250 (old story la, deiii...) and bought Medela PISA. It turned out that my EBM collection was still the same - I could only get around 4 oz. per session when my daughter was around 1.5 years old (this was when I started introducing Formula to her). Hmm, that implied that the breast-pump was not the cause of my low EBM stock previously.

Oh, I even had (or still have??) Medela Harmony. It's highly recommended for part time breast-milk expressers - I only used it at home.

So the moral of the story is you can still get many Oz. of breast-milk by using Medela E-plus.