Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today's Outcome

Well, people say "Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan".

My very first task was busted the first thing in the morning. So, task no.2 would not be done since the predecessor was busted. BUSTED! BTW, I didn't even get to go to work early this morning since I blogged the tank was empty (there's a picture of this).

I managed to finish the draft of thesis No.1, though. And right after that, I received a death call from somebody, saying that "They are doing the retrofitting* this weekend. It's The VP's instruction". And I reflexively replied "WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY? Mana nak carik orang? Barang pun belum deliver".

Actually the death caller wanted to tell me that there'd be a meeting at 1 o'clock (Yes, it's during lunch hour!!!!!!) and asked if I would like to come. I said "With the VP and GMs? I think my boss is the one who should go".

Then I forwarded the invitation to my boss. For some reason, I seemed to be giving instructions to my own boss. Oh, seriously, I didn't mean to do that. From there, a series of telephone calls were made and apparently I didn't notice that I was doing the Notify-the-contractor task.

To notify sounds like a simple verb, but the preparation you need to do prior to the notification drove me half insane. I even had to decline a friend's invitation to visit her house this afternoon. Oh, remember I said that I just wanted to give the requirement and due date to the contractor and ask them to crack their head? Well, I didn't! It was me who made the rearrangement. Mak lah Nabil sebenarnya.

To make things worse, while I was busy with the notification work, I received a call at 3.20 p.m, saying that there'd be a meeting which I should attend at 3.30 p.m at a place which is 5-6km away from my office! Tell me, am I the only one who feels that we are surrounded by crazy people here? I am not referring to the one who called me (she's fine), but to the people who arranged for the so called Mesyuarat Tergempar (like there's no tomorrow, duhh). Total madness!

Well, I didn't actually go for the meeting. A colleague had been so kind to represent our Unit during the meeting. But I had to be on-call should he need information from me. God bless him. I really hope that the meeting would be smooth. Tak senang duduk gak sebenarnya ni.

I think I am running out of breath already. Gosh, gosh, GOSH. I need a new handbag break.

*WTH. I also don't know what exactly that means. All I want to know is the date they want our service which basically is the date they finish the retrofitting job.