Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today's Plan

I want to go to work early today because I want to make sure that the GM puts his signature on the letter that I prepared yesterday. That's the first thing on my today's to-do list.

Secondly, I have to make sure that the signed letter is delivered or passed to someone in Bangi. Hmm, looks like I'm the one who has to do that.

After that, I have to be back in the office to finish my thesis and email it to the boss to have it proof-read. Basically, I have to prepare two thesises but today I'll only concentrate on one first. I have to finish drafting the second one before next week anyway because I plan to go outstation.

Okay, at the same time (or at least after I finish drafting the first thesis), I have to notify the contractor on our proposed action planSSSSSSS (action plan la sangat...). Mak bagi je the requirement and due date, lu pikir la sendiri, Nabil. When I am done with that, I shall proceed with thesis no. 2. Sounds easy, heh? We'll see how it goes lah.

Preparing the second thesis will consume a lot of time (hey, I don't call them thesis for no reason :P).

Got to go, I have to prepare myself for work now. Kata nak pergi awal. Till the next scheduled entry. Bye bye.