Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DYI DIY Or Rather DMI DIM (Did-It-Myself)

When I was doing spring cleaning on my under utilized wrislet, I found some alcohol swabs in it. I used those to clean my white Macbook iBook G4 (bila masa pulak mak beli Macbook?), FYI. At the same time, I was at my utmost disgust feeling towards my purse, which has white leather trimming at the edge.

It looks something similar like this, but mine is the one with buckle.

YES, it has WHITE TRIMMING. Imagine the dirt on it. Boleh imagine? Hitam-hitam kat tepi-tepi tu. Eiiiii.... tak gamok nak ingat balik. Now, do you get why I hate my purse so much?

I'd been procrastinating to send it for services since several months ago because, the SA said that the leather couldn't be cleaned, but the fabric can. Looking at it, made me feel like buying a new one. Seriously, I felt like selling the purse for RM100 just now.

But, when I found the swabs, suddenly *bling* I had an idea. Ahah, how about, I clean the white trimming using alcohol? So I tried. Boleh, okay!!! Kenapa SA tu cakap tak boleh pulak? Hmm... But I don't know if I somehow had removed some protection layer of the leather trimming.