Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nak Jadi Apa?

Sekali lagi saya tertarik dengan entry Pn Rizza.

Terus terang saya katakan bahawa saya TIADA IDEA LANGSUNG mengenai gambaran profession anak saya pada masa depan. Memang saya tidak ada membayangkan apa-apa because I personally think that having a profession is just a stepping stone or rather a phase in one's life towards the next (higher or better) level. And I believe that people wouldn't want to stop at one level except at the point of death, no?

To me the most important thing a parent should do is to develop the thinking skill of their child(ren). Let them use both sides of their brains, teach (or guide) them how to make decision.

What's more important (to me) is to listen to them (in fact to everybody) as an acknowledgment of their existence.

P/s: Not everybody deserves my ears though. ;)