Wednesday, September 17, 2008


...Pink it´s my new obsession
Pink it´s not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause
Pink is the love you discover
Pink as the bing on your cherry
Pink ´cause you are so very
Pink it´s the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion...
(Pink by Aerosmith)

My daughter is having a quite significant obsession towards PINK (look who's talking).

She would want anything and just everything in PINK.

Here's an example; you see the picture below? It's our very first self-made kuih raya by your's truly's *cough* cousin *cough*. While cousin was baking, I was busy picking. :P

Anyways, back to my daughter's obsession, she would only eat the ones with PINK stars, okay! Yang lain tak mau.

Sekian, harap maklum.