Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RED ALERT : White Rabbit Creamy Candy

Oh dear, oh dear, OH DEAR! I used to layan this candy before. Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!

When I was listening (yes, I didn't watch because I had to watch my daughter playing) to the news (about the CHINA MILK SCANDAL) on TV two nights before, I heard the word White Rabbit (don't play-play, ada dalam wikipedia lagi, okay).

Hatiku berdebar sudah. I asked Hubby, "Eh, gula-gula White Rabbit tu poisonous ke?". But he replied, "Tak lah, susu White Rabbit..." "Oh ye lah, White Rabbit Creamy Candy" (on the next day) . Okay, full stop.

Came to yesterday morning, I checked Farah's blog and guess what? WHITE RABBIT CREAMY CANDY was in the list, y'all! Oh, saya telah memakan racun rupa-rupanya!

It all started when I was in Form 4 - a friend introduced the candy to me. I was like 'kepelikan' yang amat sangat at that time. Jakun, seih... Tak pernah jumpa gula-gula tu. Camane mak boleh terkenan kat gula-gula ni pun, tak tau la. Packaging tak le lawa benau.

The moral of the story is, even-though you control your child(ren)'s junk-food intake, when they entered boarding school, PUNAH semuanya!