Saturday, October 25, 2008

For The Love Of My Lvoe

I traveled quite light during my day-trip to JB. I only brought my lappy backpack and my NF to sumbat many stuff including telekung and a pair of socks (come to think of it, I think a pair of socks is heavier than the telekung's kain *Shrug*).

Anyways, I realized that I didn't have (or never had) a padlock to lock my backpack. I didn't want to lose another office property, not anymore (seksa jiwa raga nanti). Gegegegege. Think, think!.

Ahah! I got an idea.

I secured my lappy like this:

Haha, nak jugak jadikan LV tu.... Perasan kejap Samsonite mak ni. :D

On the return flight, I sat beside a lady who was also carrying her Lvoe. I was so excited to take a picture of our Lvoed ones side by side.

And this was the best shot I could get. (Gambar curi-curi, mana taknya) :P

My NF and Galliera side by side. ;)