Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good Night Rambling

I thought it was already 2.00 a.m. or something but it turned out that it's only 12.29 a.m.! Gosh, I couldn't doze off. I thought I could sleep even after I had my evening dose of Per'l Kacip Fatimah. I shouldn't have broken my own rule (that is to take the Per'l not later than 9.00 p.m)!

Rule No.1 : Per'l Kacip Fatimah is not meant to be taken after 9.00 p.m. if you want to have an early good night sleep.

When I was on the bed (rolling to one side of the body to another), I was actually thinking about the work that I'm supposed to do tomorrow the next morning. I knew (in fact I had planned) what I need to do first, but somehow, another thing came in and it made me feel miserable already. So miserable. You see, this always happened when I couldn't hit the sack - illogical thoughts would be lingering in my mind until I was drifted from one place to another.

Rule No.2 : Do not take Per'l Kacip Fatimah later than 9.00 a.m. (Isn't it a repetition?)

Talk about illogical thought, I was wondering how do you guys manage to transport your kids and their stuff plus your stuff from the house to the car in one trip? Or you never could do it in one trip? I'm talking specifically about those who drive to the office and have to handle the kids on their own in the morning. I haven't found the best routine to do the task. Please share your experience.

Rule No.3 : 'To be set'

Wow, it's been more than 1 hour since I started writing this post, and I still do not feel sleepy. I'll resort to the read-a-book tactic then. I am currently reading P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, I hope it is not a boring book. Later, alligator!