Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kindy-Hunting Begins

If you remember, I had mentioned about my dilemma in choosing the right kindergarten for my daughter next year. Well today, we visited CEC Kindergarten, Ampang.

We kinda impressed with the place - a bungalow unit with a swimming pool. Playground is no exception - it isn't a kindy if there's no playground, is it? There's also a gym for indoor activities. Classrooms, music hall (or room), computer room and even separate toilets for Girls and Boys. I didn't see if there was even a canteen. Overall, I shall say that the kindy replicates a school (except for padang bola lah). ;)

The only drawback was this particular branch doesn't offer Early Childhood Program (ECP), for kids aged 2-3 years old. But the principal said, they are considering to start the ECP next year if there's a demand from the parents. So far, they have about 5 prospects. Hopefully they will have the program next year.

Did I tell you that there are 3 (or maybe 4) Smart Reader Kids center within 1-2 km radius from my housing area? Sometimes I got confused looking at their advertisements. Mana taknya, tiang lampu ni untuk Branch A, selang 2 tiang lampu untuk Branch B. Jalan depan sikit, iklan Branch C pulak. Anyways, we went to one of the 3 branches' open day today. Not bad. But sadly, the center was only for classes. Suitable for SAHMs (I would say) because they don't offer daycare.

We still love CEC at this moment although we knew that the Ampang branch doesn't offer ECP (yet). But we have an option; if the kindy doesn't offer the ECP next year, we shall send Sofea to Tadika Qasrina for a year next year. Then, when she is 4, we will register her to CEC.