Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jangan Tegur

So we managed to watch Jebon, go to CEC and do groceries. Congratulations to Hubby.

Despite my muncung mulut expression after Hubby (initially) seemed not interested with the CEC's Open Day yesterday (I knew he was just pretending; or maybe I am pretending that he was pretending), we still managed to do the said to-do item and registered our daughter for the ECP.

While we were busy discussing with the Teacher, where Hubby sat in front of the Teacher and I sat beside Hubby (this point is relevant), our daughter came to us with her kedekness and stand beside Hubby and said, "Apa yang busuk ni?". And we like, huh? Then she left, playing on her own, while we continue chit-chatting with the Teacher.

She came to us again and asked the same question, "Abah, Mama, apa yang busuk ni?". It was weird, we couldn't smell anything busuk.

The Teacher was kinda amused with Sofea's sensitiveness, and even told her colleague, "Ni Sofea tanya apa bau busuk ni".

Then I thought, maybe the bad smell came from Hubby.

So I came nearer to Hubby and smelled him and yes, I could smell some unpleasant odor. So I told him, "Bau K E P A M" (like baju yang tak cukup kering). I spelled the word (as if the Teacher didn't understand, duhh). I told Sofea too that the smell was Abah.

Hubby then replied, "Oh ye ke?" with a buat-buat disbelief and rather tak-puas-hati look.


On our way home, we were still discussing the busuk topic. He hadn't give up, had he? He said, he smelled some foot odor and even thought that it was my foot odor. Pulak? No way! I don't have foot odor, I applied deodorant on my feet! plus, I was wearing open-toed, open-heeled sandals (in other word, thongs) at that time. No, no, no. It wasn't me, I was pretty sure that it was his shirt. And he was pretty sure that it was some foot odor.


*Misteri-Nusantara mode on*

I believe you must have heard people saying 'Kalau ada nampak/dengar benda pelik-pelik, jangan tegur', right?

Back at home, I smelled his shirt again. This time, tak busuk, okay? So he was right and I was right too (kaki mak tak busuk, okay...)!

So, what was it?

Hubby said, it must be the Teacher's feet. Right, why hadn't I thought about that...

And now, I pronounce Sofea as our kentut detector, because she always be the first one to sense stinky stuff.