Monday, November 3, 2008


On Sunday, Hubby and I had to go to the wet market. I wanted to make it a quick one, so I asked my daughter if she's okay staying with the maid at home.

She said she wanted to follow.

After a while, she said she didn't want to follow and wanted to stay home.

Baby, make up your mind!. You see, this is why I chose to let her choose what she wanted to do, so that she could learn how to make decision.

When we were ready, she cried to follow us. So, follow us she did indeed.

When we were at the wet market area already, she cried again! This time, she didn't want to get off the car and said "Pasau ni busuk la, Mama. Sofea nak tunggu kat dalam car saje".

Adoiiii... poning palo den ni ha.

Hubby waited with her and did the persuasion job while I went straight to the wet market. Later, I found them in the market too!