Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Rant Of An Elite Card Member

Last Friday, I went to Parkson to see buy some beauty products and most importantly, to collect my *ehem ehem*.

So I stopped at Dior Counter, Parkson (while waiting for this beautiful lady). Actually, I really really wanted to buy the cleanser (and a lipstick), so then I tried on some lip colors. When I was about to pay, the SA seemed not interested to entertain me. Apa lagi, mak pun hangin lah. Dah la tak tau nak advice mak. Gua tinggal je la kaunter tu. Previously, I'd never had bad experience with Dior Parkson - I even recommended to a friend that the SA there was nice.

Then I went to Isetan where I met Verde and got my thing and bought my stock there. Rugi tak dapat voucher from Parkson! Cilakak betul la SA Dior Parkson tu.

Oh, on my Damier Ebony S30 (I didn't tell you I bought S30, did I?), I think it's kinda BIG BIG BIG for me! Tak sesuwei lah the boxy bag in size 30. Camno? Hua hua hua...