Saturday, November 22, 2008


Now I know how does it feel to be one of the Vs.

Why? (If you may ask)

Hmm... Last night, I munched on some raisins - straight from the pack.

Raisins, huh? Biggy...

UNTIL after several munches, I tasted something WEIRD. It tasted like... like... the stinky ants!!!!!!!

I didn't dare to look at the inside of the pack (cos I didn't want to know how many of them!)

Oh, wait, how the hell did I know that the taste was actually the taste of ants? Hmm...

I must had had been one previously. Bluerghhh.

p/s: Cik Yan, kat mana yang ko tulis ko terasa seperti Diana in V? Mungkin aku Lydia (although I wished I was Diana when I was small). Let's eat mice together. :P

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