Thursday, January 8, 2009

8 Random Facts Tag

I know somebody tagged me in this but I cannot recall who. I'll do the 16 random facts later because I think it will consume a lot of my time.

8 random facts
I so cannot see things scattered on the table (I'm referring to the dining table in my house, my office is exceptional). But yesterday, I found out that my maid was more efficient than me! - Habis semua barangku di atas meja itu dia sorokkan kat bilikku.

I don't like chicken meat. I like to eat the bones - the edible ones lah.

I always customized my latte with only a half-shot of espresso instead of 1 full shot.

I learned about basic cooking ingredients from my grandmother when my parents left for their Hajj in errr,... 2000. Oh, no. My mother actually taught me the basic ingredients - garlic, onion, etc. when I finished my SPM like aeons ago.

I love nasi lembik.

I love washing clothes but I hate hanging them and what more folding them!

I think I'm fat. But the reality is,... I'm thin. I'M THIN, ok!

I feel so annoyed when I'm surrounded by a group of motorcyclists at a traffic light, just when the traffic light turns from RED to GREEN. Can you imagine?

First name: Not to be revealed
Name you wish you had: Hmmm,... don't know
What do people normally your name as: Not to be revealed
Birthday: 20 August
Birthplace: Johor
Time of birth: 9:04 PM
Single or taken: Taken
Zodiac sign: Leo

My appearance
How tall are you: 162/163 cm
Wish you were taller: Yes (dasar tak tau nak bersyukur...)
Eye color : Dark Brown (ikut passport)
Current hair color: Black
Short or long hair: Short (kot)
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: Not bizzare, just a normal color
Last time you did something dramatic with you hair: Cut my hair really short - melekap kat kepala. But anyways, it was not so dramatic.
Glasses or contacts: Both.
Do you wear make up: Yes
Paint your nails: No.
Shy or outgoing: Outgoing
Sexy or cute: Sexy - i'm not cute, heh
Serious or fun: Serious, weih...
A turn on: Nice handbags and shoes
A turn off: Bad body odor

This or That
Flowers or chocolates: Chocolates
Pepsi or coke: Pepsi (given a choice, tak nak 2-2)
Rap or rock: Rock
Relationship or one night stand: One night stand. No judgment, it's just me. But I'd never done that.
School or work: School
Love or money: Love
Movie or music: Movie
Country or city: City
Sunny or rainy days: Sunny
Friends or family: Family
Have you ever lied: Yes
Stole something: Yes
Smoked: Gapo dio... lah
Hurt someone close to you: Yes
Broke someone’s heart: Yes
Wonder what was wrong with you: Yes
Wish you were prince or princess: No
Like someone who was taken: Yes
Shaved your head: No
Used chopstick: Yes
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Yes
Favourites Flower: Roses
Candy: Itu gula-gula ada asam kat tengah-tengah. Apa orang panggil?
Song: Apa Saja (apa kejadahnya, yeop?)
Color: Red
Movie: Braveheart
Singer: Hilang ingatan kejap - I cannot recall who lah.
Junk food: Itu apa nama, Chachos
Website: Itu website Corina
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Animal : Cats
Ever cried over someone: Yes.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Yes - my temper. Roarrrrrrr!
Do you think you’re attractive: Yes - ni brp kali mau cakap? Oh, sebelum ni "Hot"...
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Tak terpikior, yeop.
Do you play any sports: I choose not to tell.