Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Cannot Stand (And Can't Seem To Understand)

I can't stand mingling with people who always try to pancing me into his/her gossip trap. I categorize the pathetic attempt as an insult. Hahaha.

I can't stand standing walking behind a slooooooooooooow-walker and I cannot understand why I always walk in such a fast pace (like I'm about to pee or poo right there and then at any moment).

I can't stand (and do not understand why) there are some people who simply just leave their plates on the table (or in the sink!) after every meal. My heart beats faster everytime I see it. (Seriously, this makes me mad like a mad cow)

I'm having some kind of problem to read (or edit) any document through the PC. Therefore, I so cannot stand when I see (and having to read) any thing that has so many embelishments (and not forgetting some kutu-kutu babi in it). Got it? No? It is better that way.

I cannot stand bebalness and I don't understand why I cannot stand it. Period.

Lastly, I tra hard doh, but I kenot, and I really kenot understeng why I so kenot steng with those crappy things.