Saturday, February 21, 2009


How do I tell my daughter to stop saying "hitam" as a description? Remember this?

Okay, at that time, I found it funny but... now when she describes some of her friends in such way, I think it has got to be stopped.

But when I told her "Sofea, jangan cakap hitam lagi ya? Not good", she'll reply "Habis tu, nak cakap apa? Cakap white, ya"

"White pun tak payah cakap. Tak payah cakap apa-apa, cakap Kina* saja, bukan Kina Hitam. Nanti dia nangis nanti".

She still didn't get it when I told her that. I think, the best way is to tell her that she'll be hitam too is she keeps saying that word - just like the way people taught me those days, don't you think so?

This is serious, it has got to be stopped.

*Bukan nama sebenar.