Monday, February 16, 2009

Rasukan Ablasa

What is Ablasa? At this moment, I can't help but to think that the word was derived from "Ah, belasah....", when somehow, some people just couldn't think of the suitable title for the movie. Okay, I was joking. No offense. Please shed some light on the meaning of Ablasa for me.

As usual, I really do not fancy horror (Malay) movie - since the movie Rita Rudaini (with the fucking annoying voice) had starred; what was it, Mistik?? After watching the (Mistik) movie, I (we) thought that the industry was still not moving, not going anywhere* (at that time, lah).

So now, with all this new-horror-movie campaign going on, when everybody (except me) tells that the new-horror-movie is something different (not the usual one), I would say nothing and do nothing.

*Gua cakap memang pandai, sebab duit gua yang gua guna untuk beli tiket. Gua memang tak suka belanja duit untuk benda-benda yang... yang... (tak sanggup gua nak cakap).