Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Was Yesterday Malaysia's McDonald Day?

When I was on my way home yesterday, I was craving for McDonald's food. So I told Iszan (mesti mau buka "poser" sama-sama maaaa... tak boleh buka "poser" sorang-sorang) that I was going to have a take-away from McD. And apparently, there was another blogger who was craving for it too! Hence yesterday was Hari McD Se-Malaya or Se-Blogosphere, perhaps? (Tiada cuti umum diperuntukkan, ya? :p).

Okay, back to my craving, I was so really determined to have McD's food until I reached the junction where I had to choose: McD, or Home. I chose home - simply because I felt lazy to go to the restaurant.

And I bought these instead

There were Kerias (inspired by this entry - mak kecuq tgk gmbr-gmbr ko, nyah), Doughnuts (for my daughter - tapi dia tak makan pun!) and that triangle kuih (I don't know what's its name). Semuanya RM4.30. Berbaloi, bukan? If I had bought something from McD, I would spend double the amount.