Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 56-Question Tag

Tagged by Cik Yan.

Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Adakah ini Moment of Truth? Eeeee..

1. Where were you last night?
At home

2. What is today's date?
21 March 2009..

3. Who was the last person to call you baby/babe?

4. When you're at the grocery store do you use the self checkout?

5. Anyone crushing on you?

6. What is your relationship status?

7. Has anyone ever sang to you?

8. Has anyone ever given you roses?

9. If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
Yes <-- kondifen, okay?

10. Who do you text the most?:
Iszan. Hahahahaha

11. How do you make your money?
By being an employee

12. First person to text today?

13. What is your favorite color?

14. What color are your eyes?
Dark brown - mengikut passport

15. What is a compliment you receive often?
Errr... (jugak)

16. How tall are you?
163 cm (eh, ke 162??)

17. Who was the last person to say they loved you and when?
My daughter, last night. (Good night Abah, good night Mama. I love you, Abah, Mama)

18. Do you like your parents?

19. Do you secretly like someone?

20. Why did your previous relationship end?
Because... I don't like hime ;)

21. Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?
My daughter jugak... aci?

22. Where is the furthest place you've traveled?
Rimouski, Canada

23. Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?

24. Do you look more like your mom or your dad!!!
My mom

25. How long does it take you to shower?
Usually 10 minutes. Unusually, 1 hour

26. Can you do splits?

27. Are you flexible?
Yes, physically and non-physically

28. What did you do on New Years Eve?

29. Was your mom there?
When? Now? No!

30. Can you speak any other language than English?

31. What is the last letter of your middle name?

32. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
6 hours

33. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?

34. Are you scared of flying?

35. What do you sleep in?

36. Who was the last person you kissed?
My daughter

37. Do you like funny people or serious people?
Funny people. Serious people make me depressed

38. What are you listening to?
Right now, a song by Nirvana

39. What jewelry do you wear all the time?
A brooch --> Boleh kira? Tapi kat rumah tak pakai langsung

40. What do you have planned for tonight?
Sleep early

41. Is the last person you kissed older than you?

42. Do you prefer friendster or facebook?
(The old) Friendster

43. Do you have a favorite item of clothing?

44. Do you like messages or comments better?

45. Last movie you saw in theaters?
James Bond (bila tuh?)

46. Last thing you ate?
Roti Canai (segera)

47. What was last thing you drank?
Plain water

48. Are you happy right now?

49. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
Right now? Right very very now? Galliera PM Damier Azur :P

50. Who makes you happiest right now?
People around me (too!)

51. What were you doing at midnight last night?

52. Are you left handed?
No, but I am only lefthanded when using the mouse

53. What was for dinner tonight?
Not sure

54. What is the last thing you thought about?
Err.. some work thingy

55. When is your birthday?
Some time in August

56. Do you want to get married & have children one day?
Been there, done that.

Memang kejilah tag ni, CY!!!