Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cerita Apa Di TV3 Pada Pukul 6.30 Petang Semalam?

Ecewah, tajuk.... macam apa tah. Padahal, nak cerita pasal Spa Q 2 (LAGI!) - please don't hate me, people.

Okay, eyesterday's episode was kinda so-so to me. Melissa left Qistina for Datin Sofiera, Qistina jatuh sakit - masuk hospital - toyboyfriend dia jaga dia semalaman.

Oh, and... Zaefrul was trying to win Marlia's heart again. Not that Marlia showed some positive signs towards Zaefrul's lame attempts, but if I were Marlia, I won't fall for it. Once a beater, always a beater. Once bitter, always bitter. :P

Dafi,... hmm I think he was banished vanished from the story. Easy come, easy go, heh?